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Mt. Lookout Dentistry Mission Trip

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a nonprofit mobile medical clinic, they offer many varieties of health care. Some of things they offer are: vision, women's health, dental, veterinary care and more. Their mission is to provide free and quality health care to those in need. Patients fill the parking lots of the clinics nights in advance, sleep in their cars (rain or shine), to be able to receive proper health care. Most clinics or between 3-4 days, and those same patients come back daily. 

The past 2 years a few members of our dental team here at Mt. Lookout Dentistry volunteered their time to help provide free dental care to those in need. Their dedication and determination to help others does not go unnoticed. And we at Mt. Lookout Dentistry are so very proud to have them on our team and representing our office. 

This year they were in Ashtabula, Ohio. While there, Dr.'s Bob and Brenda Bertsch, along with two of their assistance, Molly and Carla (EFDA), saw many appreciative patients. Last year the four of them were in Knoxville, TN.

Very humbled, they are so proud to be able to contribute their skills and passion for dentistry. They look forward to being apart of it again in the near future, and more of our staff are wanting to provide their skills as well.